Warrick Palmateer, an experienced potter hailing from Western Australia, has dedicated more than three decades to working with clay. Growing up along the southwest coastline, his passion for beach combing and surfing developed early in life, granting him a profound understanding of the littoral zone—the interface between land and ocean.

In 2018, Warrick joined forces with Pippin Drysdale for their significant survey exhibition, Confluence, at the John Curtin Gallery. Warrick’s vessels in Confluence were gargantuan in scale, formed from brick clay mined in the Perth Hills and also referencing his coastal home north of Perth.

Palmateer described his artistic approach, saying, “I have always considered myself a wheel thrower, so my new work is based on wheel throwing with expressive texture and intuitively rendered colors that suggest the rugged and fragile beauty of the ocean and coast, capturing the interplay of light, shade, and movement that has shaped my identity since an early age. Clay, a simple and pure material, immediately responds to touch. Its transformative nature, transitioning from soft, malleable, and plastic to hard, durable, and permanent through the application of heat, has captivated me since my high school years as an art student.”

In addition to his own art practice, Warrick has worked collaboratively with Pippin Drysdale for over thirty five years, throwing her minimalist porcelain vessels and marbles.