In late 2014, Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer were presented with an exciting opportunity to showcase their work at the John Curtin Gallery. Chris Malcolm, the Gallery Director, extended a special invitation for them to be part of the Gallery’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2018. Warrick Palmateer’s art collection, titled “Meridian Arc,” was the remarkable outcome of a year-long collaborative endeavor involving various partners. Notably, this included a fruitful partnership with Brikmakers, a brick manufacturer based in South Guildford, Western Australia. Additionally, collaborations with Yanchep filmmaker Matthew Bettingalio and Perth-based composer Ryan Burge played integral roles in the creation of this installation.

Meridian Arc Series, 2018. Western Australian kiln-fired earth

  1. The Whiting Cape – 77 × 87cm
  2. Cuttlefish Shoal – 94 × 110cm
  3. Fisherman’s Hollow – 91 × 90cm
  4. Tidal Comb – 105 × 110cm
  5. Spindrift, 2018. – 105 × 105cm
  6. The Dusky Whaler – 110 × 110cm
  7. Abalone Arc – 116 × 110cm
  8. Beacon Bouy – 128 × 115cm
  9. Meridian – 149 × 115cm
  10. Southwest Sweep – 93 × 110cm
  11. Baler – 115 x 90 cm
  12. Urchin Loop – 85 × 90cm
  13. Ryan Burge: Meridian Arc soundtrack, 2018, four channel sound, looped, 10:11 mins
  14. Matthew Bettinaglio: Confluence, Act 1: Inspiration – 4:53 mins;  Act 2: Connection – 2:42 mins; Act 3: Preparation – 2:39 mins; Act 4: Creation Part 1 – 1:46 mins; Act 5: Creation Part 2 – 4:47 mins; Act 6: Juxtaposition – 2:54 mins;  Act 7: Revolution – 2:17 mins.

The images in the above slideshow were photographed by Robert Frith of Acorn Photo


The creation of the Meridian Arc series would not have been possible without the invaluable and generous support Warrick received from:

  • Brikmakers: Director – Sam Buckeridge, General Manager – Vince Scarvaci, Operations Manager – Bill Swerlowycz, Marketing Manager – Claire Perks, Raw Materials Manager – Nathan Blackwell, Kiln Manager – Ryan Jensen, Production Manager – Paul Moyle, Sales and Marketing – Barry Cottom, Chris Williams, John Barile and Priya Marvelli; Kiln – Chaitanya Yendapally, Ian Price; Laboratory – Paul Di Marco, Scott Cowan; Yard – Greg Higgins, Charbel Sfier, Cory Dempster, Carl Darken, Ben Smallgood; Safety – Tracey Kuusk, Rick Gumina and Jan Menzies; Maintenance/Fitters – Nick Pearson, Mick Sneddon and Kevin Burke.
  • Audio/Visual: Robert Frith – Accorn Photography, Matthew Bettinaglio and Ryan Burge;
  • Specialist fabrication: Leandro Martins.
  • John Curtin Gallery Staff: Director: Chris Malcolm; Gallery Manager: Jane King; Production Manager: Xavier Pardos; Gallery Administrative Coordinator: Patti Belletty; Gallery Communications Coordinator: Samantha Smith; Visual Communications Coordinator: Brad Coleman; Project Officer: Jacqui Monks; Collection Manager: Barbara Cotter; Collection Manager: Lia McKnight; Campus Display; Gallery Assistant: Tarryn Gill; Campus Display Coordinator: Matthew McAlpine; Carrolup Project Officer: Jessica Johnston; Gallery Attendants: Elizabeth Bills, Olivia Jones; Installation Technicians: Matthew Barstow, Graeme Burge, Alex Coles, Matt Dickmann, Pablo Hughes, Sean Mitchell and David Reid