The landscape of the littoral zone showcases the interplay between the dynamic forces of nature and the convergence of land and sea. This transitional area is a dynamic and fleeting space, lacking a concrete existence. It serves as a poignant reflection of life’s fundamental truth: change is the only constant. Despite its transient nature, the littoral zone holds a rhythmic presence.

The environment presents a canvas where nature’s artistic expressions are on full display. It gives rise to a multitude of inspirational features, some of which are: the ever-shifting sands with their sculpted contours and erosion patterns; a visual symphony of textures created from the curves, lines, and ripple marks from waves that erode, transport, and deposit sediment along the coast and the parallel rock striation grooves etched into solid formations that are formed from the relentless action of water and particles over time.

Every contour in the coastal realm narrates a tale, unveiling the delicate equilibrium between erosion and deposition, echoing the perpetual ebb and flow of the environment. It is comforting to observe how this balance is mirrored in life itself, recognising that without these interchanging polar opposites, life would not take form.

I strive to encapsulate and recreate the essence of what I actively engage in and observe within the littoral zone.  The wellspring of my inspiration flows from the very place I am fortunate to call home and I find myself responding authentically to only that which deeply resonates within me. While some may suggest that I explore other regions like the Kimberley in my artistic endeavours, I don’t feel this to be a path for my expression. To authentically capture the essence of a place in my work, I need to have a profound sense of belonging. My studio is located in Yanchep, in close proximity to my residence and the creation of my latest body of work, crafted in 2023, unfolded in Yanchep.


Surfing provides me with a unique perspective of the littoral zone and blurs the boundaries between observer and participant. I have to traverse the shoreline to reach the water and then make my way offshore and when I ride a breaking wave, I become fully immersed in the littoral zone’s dissipating energy (especially since the predominant surf breaks in my area are beach breaks). It is from my offshore position that I experience a completely different sensation and occasionally I will have the opportunity to gaze back at untamed wilderness and unspoiled nature, unaffected by the influences of civilization. See the surfing section under the Inspiration tab for more details about surfing and how it influences my work.


Over time, the ceaseless dance of waves, tides, wind, and weather sculpts the coastal terrain and I feel so privileged to be able to witness this natural artistry and draw inspiration from it. After a Winter South West Gale, I like to take the opportunity to beach-comb and observe the aftermath and explore the transformative effects it has on the coastal landscape. I enjoy discovering float-some, including shells, fishing floats, and pieces of driftwood along the shoreline.

Witnessing Sea Life

I am privileged to witness sea-life within their natural habitat, observing these creatures in their true element. Majestic albatross and ospreys and playful dolphins and seals, I find myself in awe of their presence and their harmonious co-existence and feel very grateful to share in their environment.