Warrick encountered David Hunt in 1986 when he enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Studio Ceramics at Perth Technical College. As a young and impressionable 16-year-old, Warrick transitioned directly from high school into the three-year Advanced Diploma course. David, who served as the head of the ceramic course, had a profound impact on Warrick, thanks to his ‘madness’, discipline and enthusiasm.

Originating from Montana, USA, David drew significant inspiration from the West Coast American Funk ceramics that were being created by the Ceramic Avant-Guard and, at that time, prevalent in contemporary ceramic journals. His wacky and humorous approach to ceramics expanded Warrick’s perception of clay as a medium for fine art, showcasing its ability to convey narratives and push the boundaries of traditional ceramics.

Whilst Warrick was completing his studies, David embarked on a new opportunity that led him to relocate to a small rural town in North West Tasmania.

”I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have benefited from David’s guidance and mentorship for two years”.