In 1988, a new chapter unfolded for Warrick as Bela Kotai assumed the position of Head of Ceramics at Perth Technical College, following David Hunt’s relocation to Tasmania.

Bela’s arrival had an instant and profound effect on Warrick’s artistic journey, shaping his trajectory, vision, and technical approach to ceramics. Regarded as a master in the field, Bela’s exceptional throwing skills and expertise in creating large, unique pieces became a wellspring of inspiration during Warrick’s final year at Perth Technical College. Moreover, Bela imparted knowledge on fabricating specialised tools and equipment for working with substantial forms, as well as building and firing kilns.

“Bela’s guidance has been invaluable, and his mentorship continues to this day. He is always available to offer insights, answer questions, and share laughter. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have had Bela’s presence in my life, right from the early stages of my ceramic career.”

Bela and Warrick at the West Australian School of Art and Design in 2014