Pippin and Warrick

Both Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer are acclaimed artists who have achieved recognition for their contributions to the art world. While their specific areas of expertise may differ, their shared passion for artistic expression and creativity has brought them together and fostered a remarkable partnership.

Their enduring collaboration of over three decades rests in a deep mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work. Through their partnership, they have pushed boundaries, experimented with new techniques, and contributed to the advancement and evolution of their respective art forms.

The longevity of their working relationship is a synergy, built on trust, shared values, and a mutual commitment to artistic excellence.

Pippin and Warrick’s working relationship serves as a testament to the power of artistic partnerships and the potential for collaboration to foster growth, innovation, and lasting impact in the art world.

ABC TV Arts and Arts Online

The ‘perfect thing’ Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer deliver is not only a testament to their artistic prowess, but also a source of inspiration and admiration. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and the creative possibilities that emerge when two expressive talents come together. Pippin and Warrick’s creative symbiosis, respect for one another and friendship is intriguing. ABC TV Arts and Arts Online have explored this dynamic in their short audio visual production ‘The Perfect Thing’.

Drysdale is the darling of Australian ceramics. Her work has taken her across the globe, having exhibited in more than ten countries. But this illustrious career has been a long journey.

Despite her privileged upbringing in Perth’s western suburbs, the adventurous Drysdale felt a bit of a misfit in her youth and struggled to find her niche. Then, at age thirty, she discovered ceramics and forged a career that has spanned nearly forty years; a career that has changed her life, giving it direction and purpose.

Drysdale is a perfectionist. Her studio is full of pieces that did not make the grade. But every day she sets herself the challenge to create those often-illusive ‘perfect’ pieces.

Drysdale freely admits that she owes a lot to long time friend and collaborator Warrick Palmateer. A potter with his own unique body of work, he is responsible for throwing the incredible vessels she adorns with her ‘journey.’

They are quite the odd couple. He is young enough to be her son. People who are not privy to the process often question the relationship. However there is nothing but respect and friendship, and a deep understanding of each other’s goals to create incredible art.

One would be forgiven for thinking there would be a question of ownership – the work is accredited solely to Drysdale. But Palmateer is adamant the story and the work is Drysdale’s and that he is just a part of her journey to create the perfect pieces.

They are humble when they speak of their own abilities but full of praise for each other’s skills as masters of their field. They acknowledge that the sum of their skills is what creates such amazing art – Palmateer’s throwing skill and sense of form combined with Drysdale’s ability to combine colour and texture as she treats the surface of the vessel. Together they create something incredibly special.

Reference: ABC TV Arts and Arts Online at vimeo.com/102187956