“Kaye is my Mum and she has always supported and believed in me throughout my life. I was a bit of a worry to her in my teenage years when I made the unconventional decision to forgo traditional schooling and embark on a path of surfing as my first-choice endeavour (which I did!)”

Kaye held a vision for channeling Warrick’s talents and skillfully persuaded him to embrace the genuine opinion of his Scarborough Senior High School Art Teacher regarding his remarkable focus and talent. She successfully convinced Warrick to pursue a career in an arts-based vocation, with ceramics standing out as the most promising path for him.

While Warrick pursued his dreams of riding the finest waves at Yallingup on Western Australia’s South West Coast, Kaye delved into thorough research for his new venture. She discovered a comprehensive three-year full-time course in Studio Ceramics at Perth Technical College. Skillfully reminding Warrick of the glowing appraisal from his Art Teacher, Kaye convinced him to seize the opportunity and enrol in the course. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Warrick’s remarkable journey into the world of ceramics, a vocation he continues to cherish passionately. As a wide-eyed 16-year-old student, Warrick embarked on his artistic path under the guidance of the esteemed mentor, David Hunt, honing his craft by sculpting clay, mastering glaze techniques, and firing kilns.

“Throughout my career and personal life journey, my Mum has always been there for me to offer guidance and advice on a range of life matters. I value her judgement and like to think that I can pass her strong moral ethics and love on to my own children”.