Stewart Scambler

Working alongside Joan Campbell in her Bathers Beach Studio not only provided Warrick with valuable artistic experiences, but also afforded him the opportunity to connect with numerous local, national, and international artists. Many of these artists either sold their work through Joan’s gallery shop or visited her studio during their journeys to Fremantle.

One such artist was Stewart Scambler, who not only sold his functional ceramic pieces through the gallery but also made regular visits to showcase his latest creations. Stewart, known for his passion and expertise in woodfire ceramics, deeply inspired Warrick, who had developed a profound love for woodfired ceramics after constructing his own kiln, fired with wood. Warrick displayed a keen interest in Stewart’s work and eagerly observed his activities on his Serpentine property, particularly during the winter months when Stewart’s anagama kiln came to life.

In the winter of 1989, Stewart extended an invitation to Warrick to assist him in firing his anagama kiln. This experience marked the beginning of their mentorship, as Stewart generously shared his profound philosophical approach to the art of woodfire ceramics.

Over the course of many years, Warrick benefitted greatly from Stewart’s guidance and wisdom, forged during their serene and focused moments while firing numerous anagama kilns that Stewart had built over his impressive four-decade career.

“I have been immensely enriched by the profound insights and teachings Stewart has shared with me throughout our time together. His deep connection to clay and the art of woodfiring has left an indelible mark on my journey as an artist.”